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4th Annual Data Quality and Consistency in Banking (1)

17th Annual Liquidity Management (2)

6th Edition Nordic Asset Allocation: Investing in Alternative Asset Classes (1)

Internal Auditors 2018: Achieving Audit Excellence (9)

2nd Edition Insurance & Pension Asset Allocation (6)

2nd Edition Lending Products and Processes in Retail Banking (1)

7th Edition Third Party Vendor Risk Management for Financial Institutions (11)

Digital Transformation in Wealth Management (3)

6th Annual Retail Deposit Optimization and Strategic Management (16)

2nd Edition: Strategic Venturing & Partnerships Between FinTech & Financial Institutions (2)

11th Edition Model Risk (10)

5th Edition ALM, Treasury, and FTP (9)

2nd Annual Aligning Data Quality with Business Objectives in Financial Institutions (5)

Practical Implementation of IFRS 17 (8)

Omnichannel Banking Transformation & Strategy (2)

3rd Edition CECL Methodologies, Implementation and Reporting (10)

Managing Insurance Contracts under IFRS 17 (4)

Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (5)

4th Edition Leveraged Lending in the Shifting Regulatory Environment (3)

3rd Edition IRB Models, the Standardised Approach for Credit Risk, and Capital Floors (1)

2nd Edition Impact of CCP Risk and Initial Margin on Counterparty Risk Management (3)

2nd Edition Managing Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (2)

2nd Edition Operational Challenges for GDPR Implementation in Banks (3)

5th Edition Fair and Prudent Valuation for Derivatives (5)

2nd Annual Commercial Real Estate Lending (1)

2nd Annual MENA VAT 2017 (3)

Digital Process Transformation in Banken und Versicherungen (1)

East Coast Edition: Third Party Risk Management for Financial Institutions (8)

3ra. Edición de Innovación en Cash Management para Corporativos en LATAM (6)

3rd Edition: Advanced Model Validation (4)

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"Good event"

21 March 2018


4th Annual Data Quality and Consistency in Banking

"Nice conference, especially the 2nd day, interesting topics, a lot of interaction with the audience"

21 March 2018

Treasury expert

17th Annual Liquidity Management

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