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Model Risk Management in Banking (3)

Digital Automation via AI and RPA in Financial Institutions (1)

13th Edition Model Risk (14)

5th Annual Credit Risk Modelling under IFRS 9 (7)

2nd Edition Automation in AML Compliance and Modeling (6)

9th Edition: Third Party Risk Management & Oversight for Financial Services (9)

3rd Annual Impact of CCP Risk and Initial Margin on Counterparty Risk Management (2)

Impact of the Transition to Risk Free Rates on Hedge Accounting (1)

14th Annual Liquidity Risk Management (5)

22nd Annual Financial Sector Compensation and Benefits (2)

Initial Margin, MVA and SIMM (1)

8th Edition Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting (7)

Machine Learning in Quant Finance (2)

8th Edition Innovation and New Technology in Cash Management (6)

6th Edition Leveraged Lending in Shifting Regulatory and Economic Environment (1)

4th Advanced Model Validation (8)

Insurance and Pension Asset Allocation - 3rd edition (1)

2nd Edition RPA and AI in Financial Institutions (1)

11th Annual Internal Auditors 2018 (11)

3rd Edition Optimising Data Governance, Quality and Consistency in Financial Services (5)

9th Edition Third Party Vendor Risk Management for Financial Institutions (6)

18th Annual Liquidity Management (4)

Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (3)

Benchmark Rates Reform: Valuations, Discounting and Forward Risk (1)

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Quantitative Analytics (3)

Vendor Risk Management For Financial Institutions (5)

Practical Strategies for Capital Management and Allocation (3)

Practical Implementation of RPA, AI and Machine Learning in Financial Services (2)

7th Annual Retail Deposit Optimization and Strategic Management (2)

Innovating Trade, Commodity and Supply Chain Finance (7)

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"It was a very fulfilling and productive meeting.
Thank you for the hospitality!"

15 December 2019

management director

CFO Japan Summit 2019

"The 2 day event had relevant topics and experienced risk professionals.. "

13 December 2019

Bank of the West
SVP, Group Operatioal Risk Manager

5th Annual Operational Risk Management

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