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Valuation in Financial Accounting (2)

Operational Workforce Optimisation:Doing More with Less (3)

2nd Edition Retail Deposit Optimisation & Management (1)

Corporate Performance Management in Russia and CIS (1)

4th Annual Innovation in Cash Management (5)

O2C Process Owners Meeting: Customer Awareness to Cash 2013 (3)

Supply Chain and Receivables Financing (7)

3rd Annual Derivatives Funding and Valuation (2)

3rd Annual Enterprise Risk Management for Banks and Financial Institutions (2)

2nd Annual Capital Adequacy, Strategy and Stress Testing Conference (4)

16th Annual Global Convertible Bonds (4)

3rd Annual Best Practice in Managing Insurance Assets (1)

4ème édition : Planification Collaborative des Ventes et de la Production (2)

3rd Annual Funds Transfer Pricing and Balance Sheet Management (1)

4th Annual Structural Reform in the OTC Derivatives Market (5)

2-я Эффективное управление активами и пассивами в финансовом секторе в России и СНГ (1)

Proactive Operational Risk Management (5)

17th Annual Capital Optimisation (1)

I Edición Administración Estratégica de Cobranza y Recuperación de Cartera Vencida (3)

Collateral and CCP Risk Management (2)

3rd Annual Risk Intelligence and Business Resiliency (4)

5th Annual Trade Surveillance and AML Conference (1)

6th Annual Optimizing Operational Efficiency in Energy Trading Conference (2)

3rd Annual Sovereign Risk Management (4)

2nd Edition Model Risk Conference (5)

2nd Annual Funds Transfer Pricing and Balance Sheet Management Conference (5)

4th Annual Stress Testing, Scenario Analysis and Economic Capital (1)

5th Annual CFO Forum (2)

Retail Deposit Optimisation and Management (7)

16th Annual Financial Sector Compensation and Benefits (1)

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"It was a very fulfilling and productive meeting.
Thank you for the hospitality!"

15 December 2019

management director

CFO Japan Summit 2019

"The 2 day event had relevant topics and experienced risk professionals.. "

13 December 2019

Bank of the West
SVP, Group Operatioal Risk Manager

5th Annual Operational Risk Management

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