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Prévention des risques et lutte contre la corruption (9)

Smart Enterprise Contract Management (1)

3rd Annual Legal Risk & Compliance (6)

Internal Controls and DCAA Audits for Government Contractors - 3rd Edition (6)

7th Annual Corporate Legal Counsel: The Next Frontier (3)

2nd Canadian Oil and Gas Contract Management (2)

Aboriginal Consultation and Collaboration for Energy (1)

Process Safety Management for Food & Beverage Industry (1)

2nd Conflict Minerals Reporting and Supply Chain Transparency (3)

6th Annual Board Secretary 2014 (8)

Legal Risk Forum 2014 (9)

4th International Trade Compliance (4)

Environmental Compliance for Oil & Gas Canada (2)

4th Upstream Oil and Gas Contract Management (2)

7th Annual Corporate Data Protection and Privacy Compliance (4)

3rd Practical CIS Competition Law Forum (2)

4th Advanced ITAR Compliance Conference (7)

3rd Annual Canadian and Global Anti-Corruption Compliance (1)

EPC Contract and Risk Management (2)

ITAR Compliance West (2)

2nd Annual FATCA Compliance (1)

2nd Internal Controls and DCAA Audits for Government Contractors (1)

5th Annual Antitrust and Competition Law Compliance (2)

Canadian Oil & Gas Contract Management (4)

11th Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Conference (1)

6th Annual Corporate Legal Counsel Forum (5)

Corporate Legal Risk Management and Compliance (4)

10th Global Anti-Corruption Compliance (4)

2nd Data Protection, Security & Privacy Compliance (3)

Legal Risk Forum (7)

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"It was an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing information with peers"

03 January 2020

IP Director

IP Law Europe Summit 2019

"Very useful summit."

26 December 2019

Sumitomo Electric Industries
Regional General Counsel

IP Law Asia Summit 2019

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