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 Developers must look to reduce their impact on scarce natural resources

Development markets will explode globally in 2014 and 2015 as the  investment community waits for the current global economic correction to stabilize before putting capital into play.

That’s the prediction from Ron Armstrong of Urban Design Group. Armstrong is a solution provider at the upcoming marcus evans Latin American Infrastructure and Property Development Summit taking place on August 15-17 in Hollywood, Florida.

“Our reality is that with global population growth, continued urban flight, and the development growth of second and third world economies, urban project development is a necessity and will be for generations to come.”

Armstrong adds that infrastructure and property developers must sit up and take notice of their carbon footprint and strive for conservation of scarce natural resources.

Developers should capitalize on the latest innovative architectural solutions in order to ensure minimal impact on the environment, he says.

“Today’s industry buzzword is “Sustainability.” Every project should maximize available technologies to reduce the impact on scarce natural resources.

“From our experience, when the operation of the business enterprise is fully strategized within the design of the supporting infrastructure of the project, one can expect the overall carbon footprint to be significantly reduced.

“The most important process to consider when programming and strategizing a project is how to bring value added design strategies to the business model using available technologies in a sustainable way. The entire project team must understand the appropriate returns on investment versus the capitalized cost of a project relative to these various sustainable technologies,” he concludes.

The marcus evans Latin American Infrastructure and Property Development Summit will take place on August 15-17 in Hollywood, Florida.





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