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 Minimise costs and maximise production

Due to today’s industrial policy and globalisation industrial environments have become increasingly tough and competitive places to do business.

With the key focus for many businesses nowadays to do more with less, condition monitoring has become a dominant field for industries keen to minimise costs and maximise production of their key assets.

Plant and machinery are now seen as invaluable “working capital” and are designed to operate under severe, adverse and harsh conditions, where a failure may be catastrophic both in regard to safety and economy of plants.

An engineer since 1964, Ray Beebe was an early champion of the technology of condition monitoring.

The author and lecturer at the School of Applied Sciences and Engineering, University of New South Wales will be a speaker at the marcus evans Optimising Condition Monitoring Conference in Brisbane on 29-30 August.

Condition monitoring is a highly practical technology field that proponents such as Beebe have strived to advance after seeing the high costs associated with disassembling machinery often on no more than a hunch.

Author of highly respected book ‘Vibration-based Condition Monitoring: Industrial, Aerospace and Automotive Applications’, Beebe says condition monitoring is the art of monitoring signals from a machine to inform the decision as to whether it needs to be taken out of service or not. The ramifications of such a decision can be acutely felt across the operation in terms of impact on production and economic savings.

It also plays a potential life saving role today in industries like aviation, where the safety of passengers rely on the flawless operation of aircraft, to industries such as mining and oil and gas.

The importance of condition monitoring is magnified during tough economic conditions, Beebe explains.

“It’s valid at any time but you could certainly say that when the crunch is there and top managers and boards say that costs have to be cut, maintenance is often the first thing to be cut.

“So as a result conditioning monitoring seems to be steadily growing. Almost every industry is doing condition monitoring of some sort,” he adds.

A welcome offshoot of the technology is reduced energy consumption and with a carbon emissions tax mooted for Australia next year, Beebe says plant managers are more eager than ever to curb costs where possible.

The marcus evans Optimising Condition Monitoring Conference will take place in Brisbane on 29-30 August.




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