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 Ending the world dependence on oil

E-mobility is gaining more and more momentum as governments work to mitigate harmful CO2 emissions as well as reduce dependency on the often unstable oil producing countries.

The roll out of e-vehicles is being helped along further by new battery switching stations with the first of its kind opening in Denmark in July.

The company behind the technology, Better Place, is already rolling out the battery switch stations internationally. The stations would be analogous to petrol stations and are poised to be an alternative to battery recharging.

Amit Yudan is European Business Development Manager at Better Place. He will be a speaker at the marcus evans Electric Vehicles and Intelligent Battery Applications Forum taking place in Vienna, Austria on 14-16 September.

Yudan envisages mass market adoption of electric vehicles as a target that is looking more and more achievable with improving technology.

“It’s very realistic. It will succeed in countries where there is a combination of infrastructure and recharging service providers as well as supportive government schemes to motivate the consumers to adopt the vehicle. We are currently operating in Denmark, Israel and Australia and are optimistic mass market adoption is going to happen in these places.”

Governments are leaning more towards the promotion of e-mobility as an eventual panacea to the damage conventional motoring is doing to the environment.

“Overall there is a growing governmental awareness on this topic. The European Union’s Ministry of Transportation has called for 50 per cent of vehicles by 2030 to be alternative drives. This is a very ambitious target which is very positive. In some countries the governments are all for making it happen and incentivising and promoting its start today.”

Yudan says countries vary in their approach to facilitating the roll out of e-vehicles. “Different markets have different views. China is definitely seeing electrification as a way to solve their energy problem – they don’t have enough oil and already today are an importer of oil. Its car market is only going to grow over time so they are definitely looking to find alternatives.

“In the US there is a growing sentiment to reduce oil dependency. In Europe the drive is mainly environmental and there is more and more concern about how to meet this CO2 reduction target.”

Yudan is upbeat about the future of electric motoring and battery changing stations. “We see a very strong interest in Europe which is the current market where we see the biggest growth. We plan to expand in Europe and we are going to take a first step in carrying out a pilot project in China demonstrating battery switch technology. We also have quite strong expectation in the US where we have a few running trials that may become big projects in the future.”

The marcus evans Electric Vehicles and Intelligent Battery Applications Forum will take place in Vienna, Austria on 14-16 September.








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