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 European businesses eyeing emerging markets

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe have their eyes on emerging markets for growth opportunities, according to a recent Economist Intelligence Report.  

With SMEs accounting for over 99% of registered businesses in Europe, executives attending marcus evans business conferences might want to consider the findings of the New Horizons: Europe’s small and medium-sized companies look to emerging markets for growth report (sponsored by FedEx Express).  

The Economist Intelligence Report highlighted that many SMEs are following in the footsteps of large multinationals, and entering emerging markets to find and exploit niches for their businesses.  

They are primarily seeking to tap into the rapidly expanding middles classes of emerging markets, directly or through their multinational company clients. The potential for fast revenue growth was noted by 51% to be the most attractive reason for being in these markets, the report cited.  

The SMEs in the survey cited inflation and exchange rates as their primary macroeconomic concerns.  

The BRIC countries will attract the most attention in the coming year, followed by other near-shore markets. The top five markets, in order of preference, were deemed to be China, Brazil, India, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

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