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 Tablets to replace desktop PCs by 2013

Tablets will replace desktop PCs in 2013, according to Apple�s CEO, Tim Cook. At the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in February, he said: �Tablets will cannibalise PCs�.  

Apple�s launch of its 3rd generation iPad in March may well prove his statement accurate sooner than industry experts predict. Within three days of its launch, the new tablet device with multiple new features had sold three million units. With millions of product launches around the world every year, how does Apple create such a buzz around its products?  

�What is most interesting about what Apple has done is that it has created a kind of religion, an exclusive huge community in which everyone still feels exclusive,� says Claudius Boller, Business Development Director at Universal Music.  

A speaker at the upcoming marcus evans Product Launch Excellence conference, Boller went on to say: �Apple used to be seen as a walled garden, with products that are not very compatible with PCs, and music players that require iTunes and file conversion. But within this walled garden, it created a community of users who feel very exclusive and who get excited every time Apple launches a product. Apple has the perfect combination of high quality, handy and most of all user friendly products.�  

Although tablets and mobile phones were in the market before the first iPhone and iPad came along, they were not as usable for the mass, Boller says. �It was very smart of Apple to bring the benefits of a phone and a computer into one device. It re-thought what others had been doing for 10 years, but in a more innovative way.�  

However, it is not enough to have a superior product, Boller says. There are many launches where marketing has not completely understood the product�s target group, which can lead to its downfall. Many also do not think of alternative approaches to marketing, such as cooperating with other brands to create a buzz around theirs, especially if it is a boring product such as soap, bank account or vacuum cleaner.  

�In order to be successful today, you have to stand out from the competition. It is key to re-think product launches. This should not be left up to the advertising agencies, as they tend to focus too much on the current setup of a product, when everything today is about user experience.�  

Boller concluded: �To be successful, you need to have both a successful product and the perfect story. Then you need the right approach, channels and partners.�  

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