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 Scheduled power plant outages require proper planning and project management

There is constant pressure on power plants to produce large amounts of electricity due to the increasing demand on the grid and consumers' energy consumption. Considering that many power plants across the country are decades old, this puts even more stress on their operations and upkeep of the equipment to ensure they are reliable. This ultimately trickles down to the scheduled outages and all of the maintenance work that takes place during that allotted period of time. Foundwork during the outage results in extending the outage timeframe and increasing an already very limited budget. Identifying a proper work scope early on is crucial to improving the probability of a successful outage.  

A speaker at the marcus evans 12th Annual Outage Management for Power Plants Conference, in Dallas, Texas, August 6-8, 2013, Tad Rose, Manager, Period Outage Strategic Planning, DTE Energy, Fossil Generation, said that to minimize the duration of planned outages and to make sure to meet outage deadlines, DTE employs a 12-month planning process that is meant to check-in on progress against standard planning pre-specifications.  

"Strategic planning for DTE means having a ten-year maintenance plan detailing the work scope needed to operate our units safe, environmentally friendly and reliable," Rose detailed. "We eliminate the element of surprise by freezing outage scope early in the planning timeline, which in turn allows our planning teams the opportunity to develop the detailed plans needed to meet or exceed goals."

The marcus evans 12th Annual Outage Management for Power Plants Conference, will take place in Dallas, Texas, August 6-8, 2013. For more information, visit the
event website.

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