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Marcus Evans employees come in many shapes and forms, but they all share one thing in common: ambition.

Very few organisations offer you such an exciting variety of ways to fulfil your career ambition, whether it be international travel, earning competitive rewards, flexing your managerial skills... or something else entirely. At Marcus Evans, you write the script: we give you the training, the facilities and the encouragement go as far as you can.

Our kaleidoscope of clients are depending on Marcus Evans to react quickly, with insight and intelligence and always with absolute professionalism.

Marcus Evans demands the same characteristics of our people.

Now we want to hear what you, our next potential employee, demand from us.


marcus evans group : careers

why join marcus evans?

People join us for many different reasons. But whatever your reasons we'd like to add to them. Read on, and discover how.

meet our staff

The best way to learn about marcus evans is through the words of the people who know us best - the people who work here

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