Work/Life Balance, marcus evans in the Top Twenty!

marcus evans a company best in sector work/life balance not only according to The Independent and Glassdoor.

In the recent article from The Independent marcus evans scored 4.3 out of 5.0 when it comes to employee's work/life balance. You can read the full article here:

The original data comes from Glassdoor, a website where employees can submit reviews of their managers. Glassdoor put together a list of the 20 companies with the best work-life balance in the UK, and according Glassdoor user contributions, marcus evans has got the balance right!

Here at marcus evans our employees produce the innovative, inspirational and indispensable products and services sought by our clients. We actively encourage employees to see and do things differently and our positive attitude is at the centre of our can-do culture - where we value effort and reward success.

So if you're looking to balance your personal life by working for a fast growing, progressive, aspirational corporation - then we'd love to hear from you!
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Below is the full list of the 20 Highest Rated Companies for Work/Life Balance UK: