marcus evans Donates Bicycles to Children in Rural Villages

The World Bank states "transport is a crucial driver of economic and social development bringing opportunities for the poor and enabling economies to be more competitive.
Transport infrastructure connects people to jobs, education, and health services; it enables the supply of goods and services around the world; and allows people to interact and generate the knowledge and solutions that foster long-term growth

For children living in rural villages the lack of transportation means they cannot go to school. In many cases, schools are located too far away for children to walk to and they cannot afford public transportation. This situation promotes the poverty cycle without giving these children their right to education as a way out.

CHRISTINA NOBLE CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION found this to be the case in Mekong Delta, Vietnam and decided to start the Bicycle Support Programme in 2004. The programme provides bicycles to children who are over eight years old, live at least 2km away from their schools and whose families face financial difficulties.

Christina Noble Children's Foundation explains "the cost of a bicycle is normally too expensive for poor families, so children are left with no alternative other than to walk to school or to spend the family's, very limited, income on bus fares. For those who have to walk, the distance and the extreme elements (scorching sun in the dry season or pouring rain in the rainy season) often result in them arriving late for class or worse still being forced to drop out of school altogether. Our simple solution has been to provide families in need with a bicycle and safety helmet."

marcus evans has partnered with the Bicycle Support Programme and has donated bicycles for these children giving them the opportunity to have some independence in their daily lives and seek their right to education. The bicycle kit consists of a quality bicycle and two safety helmets, together with a safety presentation.

Also each bike has a seat on the back which means two siblings can ride together. The hope is that by providing children with transport, it will support their educational development
and they will eventually be able to break the cycle of poverty, not only for themselves but for their whole family. marcus evans looks forward to continue this partnership, as well as to discover other similar effective programmes such as this one.

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