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Welcome to the marcus evans property sector

marcus evans one of the world's leading business information companies is dedicated to the provision of global business intelligence and information to assist in strategic and effective decision making. The Group creates major sector-focused events for business learning and networking opportunities across a variety of industries and professions.

Featuring leading speakers and attacking key areas marcus evans property sector tailors cutting-edge conferences and training courses for the industry. Through detailed research with industry professionals, we consistently offer events of excellent quality and depth which attack the hottest industry issues that you need to hear more about.

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Latest marcus evans engineering Reviews and Testimonials
4.6 out of 5 based on 296 user reviews.

"this event is very useful for our company."

10 July 2014

Keppelland China

Mixed-Use Developments

"Great event for networking and information gathering"

02 July 2014

Cape Town Partnership
Senior Researcher

City Development

"The conference was very nice, well programmed and presentation and the presenters was excellent.I hope you make another one in a different location like Malaysia or wherever else you find suitable and invite us and presentation time be adjusted to ma may be one hour ten minutes. That is my view.Thanks.



02 July 2014

Kuonbek Gen,contractors ltd.

City Development


02 July 2014

Senior Manager

City Development

"This event provided a unique opportunity for sharing knowledge, experiences and perspectives from different disciplines with the common goal of improving our urban built environments. Getting to know the challenges but also the great opportunities opportunities in Africa was the highlight of the event! Thank you Marcus Evans for organising such a valuable international forum in the most amazing setting which is Cape Town."

02 July 2014

Colibri Partners/ IED Istituto Europeo di Design
CEO and Professor/ researcher.

City Development

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