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2nd Annual Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (2)

Model Risk and Validation in Credit Models (6)

5th Edition CECL Methodologies, Implementation and Reporting (1)

Examining the Impact of SOFR on Rate Strategy (4)

Digital Transformation in Transaction Banking (3)

3rd Annual MENA VAT (1)

8th Annual Operational Risk Management (1)

4th Edition of Managing Interest Rate Risk Arising from Non-Trading Book Activities (2)

End-to-End Automatisierung und Digitalisierung in Banken und Versicherungen (4)

8th Edition: Third Party Risk Management & Oversight for Financial Services (1)

Machine Learning in Quant Finance (3)

Automation in AML Compliance and Modeling (7)

3rd Edition Practical Implementation of Operational Changes for IFRS 17 (9)

CFO Revolution (6)

2nd Annual Kingdom Credit Management & Collections (4)

Practical Strategies for Capital Management and Allocation (2)

11th Annual Internal Auditors 2018 (10)

2nd Data Quality, Governance and Optimization in Financial Institutions (4)

8th Edition Third Party Vendor Risk Management for Financial Institutions (2)

8th Edition Insurance ALM and Asset Allocation under Solvency II (1)

10th Annual MENA CFO: Unlocking Financial Innovation (10)

8th Annual Funds Transfer Pricing and Balance Sheet Management (4)

3rd Edition Practical Guide to Excellence in Operational Risk (3)

3rd Edition: Operational Risk Management & Organizational Transformation for Financial Institutions (5)

Strategic Asset Allocation and ALM in Insurance (3)

Internal Auditing and Fraud Prevention (3)

2nd Edition Derivative Funding and Valuation (7)

ICAAP Stress Testing and Capital Planning (1)

3rd Edition Managing Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (5)

2ª Edición Transformación Digital en la Banca Minorista (2)

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"Excellent speaker panel and representation. Great set of risk topics being touched upon. Good professional networking experience."

11 December 2018

Societe Generale
VP Unit Head MRM

Model Risk and Validation in Credit Models

"Faboulous arrangement, expert speakers and exchange of ideas across the region. "

11 December 2018

Senior VP

Model Risk and Validation in Credit Models

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