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 Clean tech’s tremendous growth

With the ever escalating price of oil and gas of which there is a finite supply, new energy sources are being developed that have the potential to put us on a path to sustainable abundance.

The rise of clean tech is having an important impact on a wide range of industries from aviation to manufacturing. And investment in this area is becoming more and more attractive. Clean tech has passed biotech and IT as the top venture capital (VC) investment category in the world.

“There are drivers in the clean tech space that will be creating investment opportunities for many years to come,” says Richard Youngman, managing director Europe and vice president, Global Research at Cleantech Group. Youngman was a speaker at the marcus evans Alternative Investments Summit that was held in Cannes (Nov 29- Dec 1).

“With a limited amount of resources available to an ever-growing and ‘hungry’ population, the clean technology mega-trend is driven by the challenge of how we can do more with less without further impacting the environment,” Youngman explains.

“People often think of clean tech as a renewable energy, the replacement of fossil fuels, but in many ways that masks the more attractive opportunities which can vary from the ability to save energy, for example with energy efficient technologies around buildings, through to turning waste streams into valuable asset.

“Water is another attractive area as we, as we upgrade and make intelligent our infrastructure to decrease the use and loss of water. We also believe there will be many opportunities around food and agriculture this coming decade, subjects which do not get a lot of attention today. Seventy per cent of our water is used for irrigation. Some of the most interesting and indeed the most attractive prospects are going to come from old industries where we have got used to doing things a certain way for many decades, even centuries, and where we are very wasteful,” he adds.

The marcus evans Alternative Investments Summit took place in Cannes from Nov 29- Dec 1.




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