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 Ipswich Town Academy Association Launch Five year Academy Plan.

Ipswich Town Academy will step up to Category One status for the 2014/15 season, joint-managing directors Ian Milne and Jonathan Symonds have confirmed. The Blues' youth set-up is currently Category Two with clubs able to switch every two seasons.

Within the next five years, Ipswich Town Football Club intends to have 50% of their squad made up of players from its own football Academy.

To meet the goal of ensuring that half the 2017/18 season squad are home grown players, Ipswich Town launched the Academy Association. The purpose of the Academy is to identify and recruit young footballers of outstanding ability. To fulfil the plan and to attract the top players for Ipswich Town, the Suffolk side are applying for Category One academy status. Clubs with the Category One status have stronger powers to attract youngsters from teams operating in lower ranked categories.

Ipswich youth products are currently the envy of many football clubs, with players the like of:

Darren Bent
Connor Wickham
Jordan Rhodes
Darren Ambrose and
Josh Carson

Ipswich Town has built a glowing reputation for young talent and Jonathan Symonds, joint managing director, told the BBC in an interview, that: "We see the academy as the future of the club and if we want to attract the best players for Ipswich Town we have to invest in the Academy".

The bulk of that financial support comes from Marcus Evans who supports both the playing squad and the Academy; but to ease that burden and to give supporters a chance to invest in the future of "their" club, the Academy is open for sponsorship.

Supporters and Businesses who sign up to the Academy Association will all have played their part in the development of the Academy players and ensure the long term future of the Football Club. The Club is only as good as the Youth Players it produces and we have a long tradition of producing players with the talent and ability for our first-team and even the National Team.

For as little as GBP 5 a month supporters can join the Ipswich Town Academy Association and know that they have not only made a real and valued contribution success of their club but also to the futures of our youth.

And for all further information visit the Ipswich Academy Association website -

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