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The internationalization of China’s currency has sparked off something of a gold rush in global financial markets. The march of the renminbi is picking up pace and western banks are lining up to capture their share of the spoils. But they are not alone. The renminbi’s push into the wider world has brought with it ambitious Chinese banks, determined not to leave the bulk of the business to their western counterparts.

In this umissable session, Sandip Patil, examines RMB Internationalisation.

This webinar will help you:
 - Understand RMB Internationalization, SFTZ and China XB Deregulation
 - Evaluate the impact to Liquidity Management and Treasury Function
 - Examine the opportunities to manage onshore and offshore businesses 

[WEBINAR] RMB Internationalisation – Impact and Opportunities with Sandip Patil from marcusevans on Vimeo.


WEBINAR: RMB Internalisation: Impact & Opportunities

Sandip Patil, examines RMB Internationalisation. Sandip is the Managing Director and the Regional Business Head of Global Liquidity and Investments for the Treasury and Trade Solutions business in Asia Pacific for Citi Bank

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