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 Understanding the Consumer Journey in Pharma Marketing Today


Bryan Cohen, a speaker at the marcus evans PharmaMarketing Summit 2017, discusses why pharma marketers need to view the journey through the consumer's eyes.

Interview with: Bryan Cohen, Digital Platform Lead, Promotional Operations, Pfizer

Grande Lakes, Florida, April 5, 2017 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Pharma customers want us to understand their medical journey. They want a relationship and direct personal communications. Companies that are well regarded and respected today form relationships with their users, but that is not easy in the pharma industry, says Bryan Cohen, Digital Platform Lead, Promotional Operations, Pfizer. Building a relationship is not about providing tons of information but really understanding where people are in their lives, their concerns, and what information and sources they trust, then getting the right information to them at the right time, he details.

Cohen is a speaker at the marcus evans PharmaMarketing Summit 2017, in Florida, May 11-12.

What does viewing the journey through the consumer's eyes mean?

It is about putting ourselves in the consumer's position, looking at what they are going through rather than trying to sell them a product. Traditionally, Marketing & Sales take a very sales-centric journey. What we do, especially in the digital space with social media, multichannel and omnichannel marketing, is try to put ourselves where customers concerns are. When someone has been diagnosed with cancer, their concerns expand beyond just the medicine. They do not care much about the name or brand when they are worried about their health and family. We try to provide resources to answer the questions they have that impact their life, and ultimately health, more than the medicine they are taking.

How can they ensure data moves seamlessly between channels?

There are very strict regulations for pharma over what personal data we can collect, so we cannot utilize information or engage with people as easily as Apple can. We have to switch our mindset, and be part of the conversation that a customer is having in the larger community. It is no longer a one-to-one relationship. We use unbranded health enhancement campaigns, encourage people in different spots along their journey with advice on improving their health and diet. Campaigns are not about our products.

What can pharma learn from other industries?

There is so much to learn. It is both a curse and a blessing that we cannot jump on the latest channel as fast as other industries. We can look at what other companies are doing, what works and what does not. We have to drill deep to get those learnings and design our campaigns accordingly. We do not have to hit every single social media channel, but look at those that can augment what we are trying to do.

What tools or technologies do pharma companies underutilize? How is your approach unique?

To execute omnichannel, storytelling or relationship building, you need a strong centralized content management system to manage images, videos and text, to easily drive content through various channels without incurring fees and delays from agencies. The sooner the content is created, reviewed, approved and out in the market, the better it is. Marketers often look at channels individually rather than as a whole. We must get better at gathering analytics as well as reducing it to the point where marketing managers can execute based on that information.

In pharma, there is a general lack of understanding the value of the assets we create and how they can be reused or leveraged without additional cost. We do not make money off our content, yet we create more than many traditional publishing companies. There is tremendous value there.

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